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Johnston Island (JI) is part of Johnston Atoll (JA), an unincorporated U.S. territory that lies in the North Pacific Ocean at 16˚44' north latitude, 169˚ 31' west longitude, approximately 717 nautical miles (825 miles) southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii.   In June of 2004, CH2M HILL completed demolition and permanent closure of all facilities and infrastructure at JA for the Air Force.  The existing runway has been closed and the only means of transportation to JI is via oceangoing vessel. 

The Air Force is required by EPA to perform groundwater and biomonitoring in 2008 at JI along with an evaluation of island seawalls and landfill caps.  CH2M HILL field personnel will perform all fieldwork sampling (except for fish and marine sediment sample collection), sample management, labeling, and record keeping activities.  The samples must be kept refrigerated at approximately 4˚ Celsius from the time of collection. Upon arrival back on Oahu, CH2M HILL staff will package and ship the samples to a laboratory on the US mainland for analysis.

  1. Statement of Work

The Subcontractor will provide the following:

  • Ocean vessel transport to/from JI for a total of eight (8) CH2M HILL and Government personnel (Air Force and EPA)

  • Accommodations, meals, and drinks (non-alcoholic) for all personnel for the duration of the effort

  • Two (2) certified divers to conduct fish and marine sediment sample collection at JI under the supervision of a CH2M HILL scientist.Approximately 25 marine sediment samples are required;5 to 10 whole fish (of two different species) will be collected from each of 10 fish “zones” adjacent to JI (100-200 fish total).One background or reference fish and sediment sample will also be from a suitable location near East Island.

  • A comprehensive video survey of all JI seawalls and landfill caps.The final video product shall be delivered to CH2M HILL within 15 days of return to Oahu.Minimal editing/post-production work is required.

  • On-board freezer storage (3 chest-style freezers) capabilities so “blue ice” to cool water samples, and fish samples can be kept frozen.Three (3) chest-style freezers approximately 13-15 cu. ft are required.

  • On-board storage/transport of up to three (3) motorized ATVs or golf carts, and bicycles for field crew transport on-island along with field equipment, and instruments (to be provided by CH2M HILL).

  • Must be a certified charter vessel and be compliant with all Coast Guard and other applicable merchant marine/passenger transportation regulations. Vessel must be equipped with all required safety equipment.

  • Vessel must have means for CH2M HILL and government personnel to communicate with Honolulu for technical and administrative support as needed.

  • Vessel must have appropriate first aid, and medical supplies to respond to injuries that may arise during the course of the voyage.

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